Myella Farm Stay steps in a new direction

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For 29 years, Myella Farm Stay in Central Queensland has provided a magical place for visitors to get up close to nature and farm animals, enjoy farm and horse-riding tours, and experience quintessential country Australia via the 1100 hectares of cattle property situated just two hours from the Capricorn Coast near Baralaba.

Passionate about the beef industry and their farm, owners Lyn and Carl, together with Lyn’s mother Olive (and late husband Peter who sadly past in 2019), have openly welcomed guests, sharing their lives and knowledge by conducting farm tours and offering first-hand experiences, along with meals and accommodation.

However, over the past year, the family run business has shifted their focus following an Alzheimer’s diagnoses for Olive.

Committed to sharing Olive’s story and keeping her on the farm for as long as possible, Lyn and Carl have decided to take a break from Myella’s traditional tourism offerings to focus on personal health and wellbeing and supporting Olive through her journey.

“While we will continue to work on the farm, providing care for our animals and improving the land, we will not be open to the public for holiday stays,” Lyn said. “We will continue accommodating our regular corporate guests and local workers in ensuite rooms, but have put our tours, camping and accommodation facilities on hold to concentrate on spending time as a family while also spending some extra time enjoying our own farm.”

“When we do reopen in the near future, our vegetable garden will be more productive and our planned infrastructure for land and environmental care will be more established.   The tours will be more focused on regenerative farming and education about animal welfare,” Lyn said. “We look forward to the day we will reopen to holiday makers again, as it has been our way of life for so long.”

In the meantime, Olive is determined to put up a fight against her newfound label, raising awareness and funds for Dementia Australia.

“People were telling me that I was forgetting things and I didn’t realize I was,” Olive said. “The diagnosis came, the doctor gave me tablets and life goes on. I’m not going to just throw in the towel.”

“I want others who are concerned about their own memory or if you have a loved one who’s memory or behavior has changed then get help early, as there is a chance of a better quality of life for all concerned. It’s important to get on the front foot with your health and seek medical help.”

The family are having a 3km fundraising walk in Baralaba on Saturday 10th September, raising funds for Dementia Australia. The walk will take Olive passed important places in her life including where she was born; went to school; got married; played tennis and netball; got her driver’s license. Olive, Lyn, and Carl are calling on the community to consider donating towards this worthwhile course. You are also invited to come and cheer Olive while she walks with friends and family. Stay the day and enjoy a free music event taking place that evening.

Capricorn Enterprise CEO Mary Carroll is encouraging the community to get behind the family who have provided our region with a fabulous rest and recovery option for decades.

“Myella Farm Stay has always been a strong tourism offering for our destination, particularly our international guests, providing a true outback experience,” Mary said. “Olive, the late Peter, Lyn and Carl have worked tirelessly for many years to ensure their guests enjoyed an exceptional experience, leaving with an appreciation of our environment, our destination and our lifestyle.”

Myella Farm Stay’s website will continue to be updated, and the family plan to share Olive’s story and progress through their Facebook page:

The family continue to use Dementia Australia as a useful resource.

To contribute to the family’s upcoming fundraising efforts, click on the link below:  

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