Singer’s heart melts for Biloela family

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The plight of the Muruguppan family seeking asylum in Australia continues and a new
song released highlights the plight of the Sri Lankan Tamil couple and their Australian
born children, Kopika and Tharnicaa Murugappan.

In a fabric reminiscent of Bob Dylan & Paul Kelly song writing styles and a vocal just as
powerful Kell delivers a poignant reflection coupled with the obvious common sense
that surrounds the Muruguppan family.

The writer and performer Kell said “there is some political debate about this family
and certain government members have been strident in their views. But for me I just
read the stories and look at the photos of the kids and my heart melts. If you listen to
the song it is not too hard to guess whose side I am on.”

“From my way of thinking you only have to look at the story and you can see that we
should be welcoming these people to our country…..and apologising for how they have
been treated so far. Which is basically the words of the song”
“They had forged a new life at Biloela, where they are much loved and missed, and
they should be allowed to go back there as soon as possible.”

The song was born out of the “Shed Philosophy” movement founded by Kell and his playing
buddy Midge in Kell’s shed at the back of his house in Walkerston, with more tracks to be
released in 2022.

Recorded at Sugar Town Music in Mackay, the release of ‘Bilo’ is set to be available on all
online streaming platforms from Wednesday, December 8, 2021.

You can check out the new song by visiting Kell’s Facebook page

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