Statement from Colin Boyce MP re Vaccine Rules

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The Queensland Labor Government’s Vaccine Rules are a complete departure from the
Australian Way. It signals the imminent rollout of vaccination passports, and an escalation of
“Big Brother” police state, totalitarian rule.
The addition of teachers, childcare workers, and all volunteers that attend schools is another
overreach by the Labor Government. I have had small school principals already calling my
office in tears, knowing that this will be the death of their P&C’s, tuckshops, and school
An increasing number of councils are objecting to this mandate for the closures of local
businesses that it will create. Many local businesses will simply not be able to operate under
these mandates and will be forced to close their doors.
Christmas will be soon upon us. So many Queenslanders will now face the prospect of being
denied access to the pubs, clubs, sporting, and entertainment venues. I wonder if you will be
allowed to go to the beach and swim in the ocean, if you are not vaccinated? Who is going to
police this? Our police have enough to do, with the increasing crime rates throughout
Whilst I support vaccination, I do not support unnecessary, mandatory vaccination that
removes our fundamental right of choice.
The threat of losing your job or small business or being unable to enter a business, or now
volunteer to help at your child’s school – these are not voluntary choices that anyone can
For a Queensland government to enforce these conditions on our citizens will simply alienate
and ostracise those who choose not to be vaccinated.
We live in Australia, not some communist country.
Colin Boyce MP
Member for Callide

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